Welcome to the Midcoast Mac website.

Midcoast Mac is located in beautiful midcoast Maine, but we do far more than just deal with Macs.
We are available to help with computer problems of all kinds, especially tough problems that stem from the integration of multiple pieces of technology. We can show you how to share that printer between multiple computers, PCs or Macs. We can show you how to run your own personal web or file server, on your own personal computer or a dedicated Linux computer. We can help you set up your wireless router and also secure it to keep it from being misappropriated by the neighbors. We can help you set up a low-cost, high-speed wireless connection between two separate buildings. Or we can just walk you through emailing pictures of the grandkids to your sister in New Mexico.
If you can think of it, we've probably tried it. From triple-booting an OS X/Vista/Linux laptop, to setting up a surveillance system that pages you when the cat jumps on the couch, to web-enabling the Christmas tree so it can be turned on from anywhere in the world. We've done it. And almost always for the sheer fun and geekiness of seeing if it could be done.
Let us do something geeky for you.

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